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COBRA™ : Features
The Difference Is in the Details
COBRA hood customers are unbelievably loyal. When we ask them why they wear our hoods, the response is often the same: "The difference is in the details." We take pride in making special features available on almost all of our hoods so you can get the customized comfort and protection you need.

If you want enhanced comfort, look for a COBRA hood that has the Comfort Plus™ liner. The Comfort Plus liner makes your hood amazingly soft and breathable. The liner is made from two proven flame resistant fiber work horses- DuPont's Nomex® and Lenzing Fiber's Lenzing FR™. This blend of fabric wicks moisture away from the skin more effectively than other flame resistant fabrics, making the hood feel cooler in hot environments and warmer in cold environments.

New improved design for our three NFPA 1971 complaint hood lines. COBRA™ SURE FIT™ hoods incorporate a 3” wide center panel rather than the traditional center seam. The addition of the Sure Fit™ panel allows PGI to contour the hood to the shape of the head for improved fit and comfort. Additionally, COBRA™ Sure Fit™ hoods have a little extra fabric (ease) built into the design which reduces the likelihood of the face opening pulling away from the SCBA mask when head is rotated.

You'll find that COBRA hoods are available in more fabrics than most hoods. That's because we've found that results vary widely when it comes to customers and departments selecting their preferred hood. There are a lot of FR fabrics out there, and each fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages. To leverage the benefits of certain FR fibers, we began blending them. Take, for example, Ara-Tek FR Tri-Blend and Para-Tek FR Tri-Blend, COBRA's proprietary fabrics. These fabrics combine three FR fibers to produce unparalleled results. Ara-Tek FR Tri-Blend is a blend of Meta Aramid, Lenzing FR and High-Tenacity Nylon. The result is a hood with similar properties of a Nomex/Lenzing FR hood but with a bit more stretch, recovery and a lower price point. Para-Tek FR Tri-Blend is a blend of High-Strength Para Aramid, Lenzing FR and High Tenacity Nylon. This blend yields terrific thermal protection and the highest arc rating (34.4 - Level 3) for a lightweight hood.