What's Your FR Fabric Made of?

FR fabrics are a lot like firefighters - performance comes down to what they're made of. So when you're choosing an FR fabric, make sure to look closely at the contents. FR fibers have certain properties that can be beneficial or detrimental depending on intended use. You'll see that many of the fabrics used in Cobra Hoods are made from blends of fibers. Blending fibers helps balance their properties and enhance fabric performance.

When choosing an FR fabric, you'll want to look at thermal protection, comfort, durability, stability, ease of washing, color and cost. You'll also want to look at the fabric's special properties such as electric arc, chemical, welding sparks and splatter or molten metal splash resistance if these are job concerns for you.

PBI/Lenzing FR<sup>®</sup> with Comfort Plus<sup>™</sup> Liner

PBI/Lenzing FR® with Comfort Plus Liner

PBI is an extraordinary fiber that doesn’t burn in air. Blended with Lenzing FR®, this fabric is the most comfortable flame resistant hood fabric on the market. Even though fabric is incredibly lightweight, the proprietary Comfort Plus Liner offers an exceptionally high TPP rating.

Para‑Tek FR<sup>™</sup> Tri‑Blend

Para‑Tek FR Tri‑Blend

PGI's proprietary tri-blend of Lenzing FR®, high strength para-aramid and high tenacity nylon. This superb flame resistant fiber combination offers an outstanding TPP rating, arc flash protection and excellent moisture absorbency.

Ara‑Tek FR<sup>™</sup> Tri‑Blend

Ara‑Tek FR Tri‑Blend

Similar comfort and flame and thermal resistance to the popular Nomex®/Lenzing FR® blend at a fraction of the cost. Where Ara‑Tek FR really shines is its durability and arc resistance.

100% Nomex<sup>®</sup>

100% Nomex®

Nomex® has excellent thermal stability and will not melt or drip. Fabric has outstanding strength, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

Comfort Plus<sup>™</sup> Nomex<sup>®</sup> and Lenzing FR<sup>®</sup>

Comfort Plus Nomex® and Lenzing FR®

Developed by PGI in the early 1980s, this mid-weight blend has become the most popular hood fabric in the market due to its ability to wick moisture away from the skin more effectively than other flame resistant fabrics keeping the wearer drier and more comfortable.

Kermel<sup>®</sup> and Lenzing FR<sup>®</sup>

Kermel® and Lenzing FR®

Inherently flame-resistant blend of two exceptionally soft and comfortable fibers. Fabric blend offers excellent thermal insulation, providing efficient protection from heat, even in lighter weights. Interlock knit gives the fabric the finest hand and smoothest surfaces of all knits. Due to its low modulus, Kermel® fiber is silk-soft to the touch, making hoods or base layers made from it extremely comfortable. Both the Kermel® and Lenzing FR® fibers are solution-dyed navy blue during the manufacturing process, making the color an inherent part of the yarn itself, eliminating fading due to UV exposure or through repeated washing and drying. Additionally, the fabric has excellent pill and abrasion resistance, keeping the hoods or base layers looking new, even after prolonged use and repeated launderings.

Carbon Shield<sup>™</sup>

Carbon Shield

Considered the ultimate high-tech fabric for thermal protection and comfort. The Carbon Shield fabric simply won’t burn in air. Additionally, this fabric has excellent moisture regain and wicks moisture away from the skin to the outer shell enabling it to evaporate at a rapid rate.

PBI/Lenzing FR<sup>®</sup>

PBI/Lenzing FR®

PBI is an extraordinary fiber that doesn’t burn in air. Blended with Lenzing FR®, this fabric is the most comfortable flame resistant hood fabric on the market.

Product Line

Cobra<sup>™</sup> Instructor Sure‑Fit<sup>™</sup> Para‑Tek FR<sup>™</sup> Tri‑Blend

Cobra Instructor Sure‑Fit Para‑Tek FR Tri‑Blend

Cobra<sup>™</sup> Ultimate<sup>™</sup> Para‑Tek FR<sup>™</sup> Tri‑Blend

Cobra Ultimate Para‑Tek FR Tri‑Blend

Cobra<sup>™</sup> Elite Pro Para‑Tek FR<sup>™</sup> Tri‑Blend

Cobra Elite Pro Para‑Tek FR Tri‑Blend

Cobra<sup>™</sup> Elite<sup>™</sup> Kermel<sup>®</sup> and Lenzing<sup>®</sup> FR

Cobra Elite Kermel® and Lenzing® FR

Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

PGI, established in 1942, has over a half century of experience producing flame resistant garments. PGI’s Cobra hoods are the premier brand of flame resistant hoods in the industry, and are specified at thousands of end-user companies globally. Millions of Cobra knit hoods have been manufactured for a variety of industries, including: fire service, forest service, police/SWAT, electrical maintenance, electric and gas utilities, oil, gas, petrochemical, military, welding, foundries, and auto racing.